Airtel Free And Unlimited Facebook Trick With Facebook Lite Handler

Airtel Free And Unlimited Facebook Trick With Facebook Lite Handler. Hwllo, readers we have got another new and awesome trick for all of you. With this trick, you all will be able to access Facebook for Free with Facebook Lite Handler Download. This trick is very easy and simple. You do not need to sweat for this. You all must losse lots of data while using Facebook as it downloads many images or if you want to watch any video it creates a huge mess.


So we thought to introduce something new to our dear readers. Finally we have got new and the latest Facebook Lite Handler, so that you can get Free And Unlimited Facebook Access with your Airtel SIM. Currently this is working with Airtel SIM only, so it will not work with other operators. If we get this trick for other operators then we will surely post it here and help you to get this trick.

How To Get Airtel Free And Unlimited Facebook Trick With Facebook Lite Handler:

Create a new settings with this configuration:

Name : FreeRechargeGroup

Apn :

Proxy :

Port: 80

  • Now open Facebook Handler and go to the Menu.
  • Click on Front Query and add this code

  • Now save and close it. Access unlimited and free Facebook from now with your Airtel SIM.

Final Words:

This trick is definitely going to work for you. Still you can comment if you face any problem at any step or face any difficulty to understand any of the given steps. Have fun with this.

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