How To Bypass Android Pattern/Pasword Lock Without Losing The Data (Working For Non-Rooted Phones Also)

Hack Android Pattern Lock

Hack Android Pattern Lock / Bypass Android Pattern Lock : Hey we have got an superb trick to bypass any pattern lock of android device without losing your personal data. This is an awesome and easy to use trick. You just need a PC with working internet connection to download some files. So do not worry if you download the files one time then you don’t need to download it again and again. By this trick you can unlock any android phone. Now android has become common and most popular device. Most of us are having android device. You must have thought that what will happen to your device if you lost or forget your pattern lock. When you ask from anyone you will get the answer that you need to format your phone. But they are wrong we have got the solution. Now you can unlock or bypass pattern lock without losing your precious data. And the best thing about this is that it is also working for non-rooted phones. Just follow my steps and avail this awesome trick.


About This Trick :

The trick is brought to you by Free Recharge Group. This is a new and fully working trick. The trick is tested by me and it is also working on non rooted phones. As I also have non-rooted phone. The trick will never upset you. It is fully working trick. Just you need is a PC. This will not also brick your android device. You can feel free to comment. As we are always there to help you. We never keep our step behind to help you. You can ask all the questions in the comment box. You are free to ask any question regarding this topic. You can also join our whatsapp broadcast and ask your questions. And don’t forget to share this article as sharing is caring. The more you share the more we are thankful to you.

Trick Without PC and USB Debugging Is Not Enabled (Easiest Method)

Requirements :

1) Aroma File Manager Zip – Click here to download.

2) Android device.

3) Memory Card.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock :

1) Download Aroma file manager from the above link and transfer it to a memory card and insert it in the android phone which you want to unlock.

2) Now turn the phone off.

3) Then Press the Volume Up button and Power Button together.

4) You phone will boot is recovery mode.

5) Different phones have different key combination. Just comment we will add the procedure.

6) Use Volume + and Volume * button to scroll and Middle Button to select.

7) Select “Install ZIP from SD Card”.

8) Then select Aroma File Manager Zip. (Go to the folder if you kept it there)

9) It will take some time to install.

10) Open it in recovery mode.

11) Navigate to Settings and then select “Automount All Device On Start”.

12) Now repeat step  8-9 again.

13) Aroma File Manager will be opened again.

14) Then navigate to Data Folder >> System Folder.

15) There you will find gesture.key and password.key

16) Delete gesture.key if you have pattern lock and password.key if you have password.

17) Now reboot your phone.

18) Pattern or Password will appear set any password but remember it.

19) All done you have successfully made it.

How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock Without Losing The Data / Hack Android Pattern Lock (With PC)

Requirements :

1) Android SDK Tools For PC – Click Here To Download

2) Android phone with USB Debugging enabled.

3) Data Cable.

Steps To Set Up Your PC :

1) Visit the page from the above link to download Android SDK tool for your PC.

2) Now select “Other Download Option

Bypass Android Pattern Lock

3) Then download the first one.

4) Now install and open the application.

5) Then Select “Android SDK Platform Tools” and click on Install.

6) Now your PC is ready to deal with the problem.

Setting Up Your Phone :

Your phone must have “USB Debugging” enabled.

Steps To Enable USB Debugging On Your Android Device :

1) Go to Settings.

2) Then About Phone.

3) Tap On Build Number 7 Times.

4) Now a pop up will appear “You Have Now Become A Developer”.

5) Then again go to settings.

6) Scroll down.

7) There you will see “Developer Option”.

8) Open it and check “USB Debugging”.

Steps To Bypass Android Pattern Lock / Hack Android Pattern Lock :

1) Connect your android device with PC/Laptop.

2) Now open the folder where you installed “Android SDK Tool“.

3) Generally it is available here – Users>>App Data>>Local>>Android>>Android SDK>>Platform Tools

4) Enable “Show Hidden Files And Folder” as the folder is hidden.

5) Now right click on “Platform Tools” Folder and select “Open Command Window Here“.

6) Or you can simply type “CMD” in the address bar and press Enter.

7) First check your device is correctly connected or not by using this command “adb devices“.

8) Now enter this command.

adb shell

cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

9) If the command is not working then use this


adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key


10) Now you are done.

11) Reboot your phone and you will see that your pattern lock is removed.

Final Words :

This trick is working and fully tested. This for educational purpose only. This will not harm your phone but if anything happens we will not be responsible. Please do not use this trick for an false and bad activity as we will be not responsible for this if anything happens. Share this and help us to grow. This “How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock Without Losing The Data” trick is fully working and tested. How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock question is now answered.

Thanks To Manish For Sharing This

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