How Anyone Can Hack Your Whatsapp Account In Android – Prevention Method Added

How Anyone Can Hack  Whatsapp Account In Android / hack whatsapp account in android

We are again back with a new tutorial. You all must be using whatsapp messenger and its messengers service. You all must know that how anyone can hack your whatsapp account and red your messages silently without informing you. This guide is to prevent you from becoming a victim of hacked whatsapp. We will show you some possible ways through which a person can hack your whatsapp account. We will not show you any illegal hacking tutorial and let your suffer after. As already said we will suggest you all the possible ways to keep your whatsapp account safe. If you follow this measures then you will be completely safe throughout the internet while using whatsapp.


Introduction :

hack whatsapp account in android:

This guide will keep you safe at some instinct. We will not guarantee that you are safe after preventing this type of activities but we will ensure that much that this will reduce the chance of getting your account hacked. If you can prevent this things your chance of being hacked will become less. Follow this tutorial and stay safe. Please comment if you like this tutorial. And remember use only trusted App Locks. I will suggest you CM Security for this as I am using this app from years and never a single person can snoop my phone. We have listed all the possible ways through which your account can be hacked.

Method# 1 – By Finding Chats Backup Location :

Anyone one can use your chats backup and use them to read your messages. You chat backup can be accessed by File Explorer. They can transfer the files via any possible means and they can access your private messages and other things. But the chat files are encrypted and can only be read by some persons.

File location – (/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt)


How To Prevent – Lock the folder or Use App Lock  (CM Security) – Click here to download

Method# 2 – Chat Backup App :

By this app one can make a direct backup of your whatsapp chats and send them via Email in text format and this format can be read easily. So never trust any app prompting backup for your chats.

Example of the app – Backup Text for Whats


How To Prevent – Never trust such applications and use CM security to prevent any Installation and Uninstallation of any app.

Method# 3 – MAC Spoofing :

One can hack your whatsapp chats with spoofing your MAC address. So you must use a trusted app lock for settings as this prevent them to go to settings and get MAC Address. We cannot provide more details about MAC spoofing.

How To Setup CM Security So That You Can Prevent It At Some Instinct :

1) Click here to download CM Security.

2) Install and open the app.

3) Now click on App Lock.


4) Set your PIN or Pattern Lock.


5) Now lets setup phone Intruders Selfie.

6) Click on it and then enter the required details.


7) Select wrong attempts as 1 and let it access your home lock screen and setup intruders selfie option there also.


8) Now you have done it

9) Now lock Whatsapp and other apps.


10) Prevent Uninstallation of CM Security.

11) Go to Settings >> Security >> Device Administrator.

12) Tick mark On CM Security.

13) You have done.

14) Now hide your private chats.

15) Go to CM security and click on Hide Private Chats.


16) Give notification permissions to CM security.

17) It will hide your chats on your notification bar.

18) Now your Device is somehow safe than before.

For Browsing We Suggest You To Use UC Browser Latest – Click here to download

You Can Also Use UC Mini if you are a 2G User – Click here to download (Safe)

Final Words :

Stay safe on the internet. If you are having any problem in any step then feel free to comment we will solve your problem and help you in every possible aspect. Have fun and stay safe.

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