How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery (No App Needed)

We have got another new whatsapp hack for all of you. This time we are sharing you the trick To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery. This is very new and important trick for all of you if you want to hide your whatsapp images and videos. Many people share something in the group and you do not want that it to be shown in your gallery. So you decide to hide it. You may hide it in any folder or 100 of subfolders, but you gallery will discover it and show the video or image there. But do not worry when we are here. We have got its permanent solution. Just check this tutorial and know How To Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos From Gallery.


Whatsapp is one of the oldest and most famous messenger service in the world. As billions of users are using whatsapp so think how famous it is. Sometimes a media file gets auto downloaded and it starts to appear in the gallery. If the image or video contains something which you do not want to share with anyone it makes you feel shy. But we have got its permanent solution. This is quite easy. Yes, you have to just know some of the basics about this trick. Please comment if this works for you.

How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery :

1) Open your File Explorer.

2) Now open the folder named Media and there you will see WhatsApp Videos And Whatsapp Images.


3) Now rename the folder WhatsApp Images with .WhatsApp Images if you wanna hide Whatsapp Images.


4) Then rename the folder WhatsApp Videos with .WhatsApp Videos if you wanna hide Whatsapp Videos.


5) Then open Settings >> Application Manager >> All Apps


6) There you will find gallery.

7) Scroll down and click on Clear Cache.

8) That’s it you have done and now you have successfully kept your personal videos and images from gallery.

Final Words :

This is a full working trick presented to you by Free Recharge Group. Share this article as sharing is caring. If you are facing any difficulty at any of the steps then fell free to comment we will be always there to help you out. Visit us daily for more such tricks and recharge offers.

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