How To Change Fonts On Any Android Phone (Both Rooted And Non Rooted)

Change Font On Non Rooted Phone – How To Change Fonts On Any Android Phone (Both Rooted And Non Rooted). Have you ever thought of changing the font of you android phone. But somebody said that you need to root your android phone for this. They were correct with there time, nut now FreeRechargeGroup has got the solution for it. It means now you can change the font of your Android phone without any problem. You do not need to root your android phone for this.

how to change font on non rooted android phone

There are two methods for this. One is for the rooted users and other is for the non rooted ones. But do not worry it is easy to do. You do not need any experience for this. If you are having a non-rooted android phone then it will be more easy for you to change your font.

How To Change Font In Non-Rooted Android Phone:


  • After that you need download Go Launcher Fonts.


  • Open it and search for your favorite font.

change font of android phone

  • Open Go Launcher and you need to move to Go Settings.


  • Now click on Font.


  • You will get a few list of fonts, after that you need to click on Scan Fonts. It may take some time for this.


  • Now check your favorite font and restart your phone. All done you will get it ready instantly.

How To Change Fonts In Rooted Android Phone:

download ifont apk

  • Now there you will get the list of fonts for your phone.

ifont apk

  • Select the one which you want and click on Set.
  • Grant it Super User access, and reboot your android device.
  • Now you have successfully changed your font without any hassle.

Final Words:

Now you can change the Font of your android device anytime you need or want. Stay tuned with us for more tricks and such offers.

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