How To Kill Others WIFI Connections With WifiKill For PC

How To Kill Others WIFI Connections With Wifi Kill For PC / NetCut Download / WifiKill For PC

NetCut Download / WifiKill For PC – We are again back with a new and awesome trick for all of you. With this trick you can kill others wifi connection with the help of your PC. From some days we are sharing a lot of tricks to you and your support is making us more bright. Anyways lets have something more for you. You can kill anyone WIFI with this trick. They will be connected to the WIFI but they will not be able to access the internet till you want them to do so. Yes this is possible. It just requires a simple application your PC or Laptop. So why are you waiting for just have this trick and have fun.

NetCut Download WifiKill For PC

This is a very simple and cool trick, as this is going to work for all of you. This program has many more features. Like anti WiFikill which will prevent you from kicked from a WiFi network. Yes this app will also protect you from various other wifi attacks and keeps you safe and secure. This app is perfectly working on Windows 7. 8 and 8.1. So just follow some of my steps and avail this awesome and new trick.

Requirements :

1) Windows OS.

2) Net Cut for PC – Click here to download

3) The user must be connected to the same WIFI network.

How To Kill Others WIFI Connections With WifiKill For PC :

1) Download the application from the above link and install it.


2) Open NetCut from your Taskbar by clicking on its icon.


3) Now it will start scanning for other devices and show the list of connected devices.


4) Select the ID which you want to disable and then select Cut-Off (Ready)

5) All done now you have successfully killed the victims WIFI.

6) The person will not get any speed when connected to that network.


7) You have successfully made it and now you can have fun with this trick.

Mind This Word Before Using This Trick :

The software is only made for educational purpose and nothing else. If you use this is any public WIFI network then this may lead you to serious problem.

How To Get Protected From WIFIKill :

Final Words :

This is a fully working trick so have fun with this awesome and new trick. You can easily get this trick. Comment if you face any problem. Share this article to support us as much as you can.

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