Latest Top Rated Pokemon Go Cheats, Hacks and Tricks for India

Pokemon Go Cheats And Tricks: Latest Top Rated Pokemon Go Cheats, Hacks And Tricks For India. This Is An New Tutorial From Us Regarding Pokemon Go. You All Must Be Addicted To This Game. Do Not Worry I Am Also With You As, I Am Addicted Too. This Is A Mind Blowing Game Which Features Our Old Pokemons. During Childhood, It Was Our Dream To Catch Pokemons And Now I Will Be True Because Of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Cheats And Tricks

In This Article We Will Let You Know Some Basic Hacks And Tricks For Pokemon Go. This Is Quite Easy And Simple. With This Trick You Can Easily Play This Game Without Any Problem.

Pokemon Go Cheats And Tricks

If your are new to this then you can read this article and know how to download Pokemon Go.

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How To Get Pikachu In Starting Of Pokemon Go As Your Starter Pokemon

When You Start The Game You Must Think That, Why Should You Not Get A Pikachu As Starter. Yes This Is Possible With A Special Trick From Freerechargegroup. This Is A Simple Hack With Which You Can Start Your Game With Pikachu. It Is Quiet Difficult To Find Pikachu In The Game But Do Not Worry, You Can Still Get It At Starting With This Simple And Easy Trick.

How To Get Pikachu In Starting Of Pokemon Go

First Of All, When You Begin The Game You See Three Pokemons, Who Are Charmander, Bulbasaur, And Squirtle. Now Just Ignore Them. Move Fast Towards Any Direction. Now You Will See The Next Pokemon Is Pikachu. Catch Him And You Will Get It As Your Starter.

How To Find Pokemon Faster In Pokemon Go:

Sometimes You Must Get Irritated When You Do Not Find Any Pokemon Around You. But Do Not Worry, We Are Having The Solution For It. Now You Can Easily Get Pokemon With A Special Tip. This Will Help You To Grab Pokemons Much Faster Than Before.

How To Find Pokemon Faster In Pokemon Go

As You Know Pokemon Go Uses Gps Signal. So If You Are At A Crowded Place Then You Can Easily Find A Lot Of Pokemons There. Places With High Crowd Like Parks, Public Sectors, Theaters, Mall Etc Are Perfect Places For Finding A Large Amount Of Pokemons.

How To Again Get Thrown Pokeballs:

This Is Again A Simple And Working Hack. With This You Will Be Able To Get Your Pokeball Back Which You Threw Away.

How To Again Get Thrown Pokeballs

When You Throw The Poekballs Just Again Tap On Them, You Will Get Them Back Again. You Need To Be Quick For This To Regain The Balls. The Faster You Tap The Larger Your Chances Are For Getting The Poke Balls.

How To Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go:

Are You Facing Problem In Catching Pokemons Then This Will Be Sureshot Perfect Guide For You. With This You Will Be Able To Get Your Accuracy Reach 100%. This Is A Simple Tip Or We Can Say A Hidden Feature In The Game Which Is Known Lesser.

how to catch pokemon in pokemon go

When You Are There To Catch A Pokemon Just Long Tap On The Pokemon And Wait Till A Green Circle Appears There. As Soon The Green Circle Appears You Can Throw The Pokeball And Can Capture The Pokemon.

Turn Off Your Camera For More Better Experience:

how to turn camera off in Pokemon go

If You Turn Off The Camera Then It Will Reduce The Distraction And Let You Focus On The Target Only. This Will Also Save Your Battery And Help You To Play The Game For More Longer Time.

Final Words:

You Can Comment Below If You Find Any Difficulty For This Game. We Will Try To Solve It Out.

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