How Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail To Anyone (Video Tutorial Added)

How Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail To Anyone

We are again back with a new and very cool trick. This trick will blow your friends mind and will take them to think 100 times. They will get surprised after seeing such a mail which destroys itself after some time. In this trick we will tell you how to create a mail which will get deleted automatically when you send it. Yes this is possible. The mail will be automatically deleted from your friends inbox after 5 minutes. Isn’t it cool. So just follow our steps and learn How Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail To Anyone.

Send Self Destructing Emails

Introduction :

This is a new and working gmail trick. This trick is very easy and does not requires any special knowledge. The main aim of the post is to let you know that you can create a Email and send it to your friend. The email will get automatically deleted after sometime fixed by you. You can also use other features of the plugin and make more fun of it. This plugin works for Chrome browser only. So nyou need chrome browser to access this plugin and its features. Do not worry we have also added a video tutorial for your ease.

How Send Self Destructing Emails From Gmail To Anyone :

1) Click here to download Mail2Cloud chrome Plugin.


2) Install the plugin.

3) Click on Add Extension button.


4) Now Mail2Cloud is ready.

5) Open Gmail from Chrome and login to the desired account from which you want to send the mail.


6) Click on Compose and enter all the required details.


7) Click on the Mail2Cloud icon adjacent to the Send button.

8) Set the option there to Self Destruct.


9) Send the mail and it will automatically get deleted after 5 minutes when your friend reads it.

Video Tutorial :

Final Words :

This is the best and working way to Send Self Destructive Email from Gmail. You easily use this trick. And if you face any problem the feel free to comment. We will help you in every possible aspect. Visit us daily for more tricks and offers.

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