Trymaar App – Get Rs10 Paytm Cash Per Referral

Trymaar App – Hey we have got an another app which is giving unlimited Paytm cash. You will get Rs10 Paytm Cash per referral. This is a new offer. You can earn unlimited Paytm cash from this app. This is a new app around 500 downloads from Play Store. The interesting part is that you will get Paytm cash. Nowadays we have posted many Paytm cash offers. This is another one. So, hurry up and avail this offer. Trymaar is fully machine learned, bandwidth optimized, personalized news and articles reader android application.

trymaar app

Steps To Avail Trymaar App Offer :

  • Click here to download the app.
  • Now install and open the app.
  • Use this as referral code.
  • Apply this code – 1937
  • Now complete your profile and use only Paytm Number.
  • It will automatically verify your mobile number.
  • Get your referral code.
  • You will get Rs10 per referral.
  • So, loot this offer.

Steps To Redeem:

  • To redeem your Paytm Cash, Go to the Personal Details Settings, and Click on Avail Referral Benefit.
  • Now you will either have to call at 8447454607 or email for the payout.

About Trymaar App :

Trymaar is fully machine learned, bandwidth optimized, personalized news and articles reader android application.

Some Features:

1. It works offline. i.e. connect to internet , load articles and disconnect . It still shows loaded articles and images.
2. Image size adjusts based on your internet connection.
3. Images are cached on storage so it saves your internet bandwidth and makes it run faster.
4. Integrated with hundreds of top articles sources.
5. We use custom technology which makes it very fast.
6. No Ads anywhere.
7. It learns from your preferences in real time and shows news and articles of your interest.
8. Notifications don’t make any sound or turn on light and are fully configurable.
9. It supports multiple countries & languages.
10. Our custom technology is battery optimized , it runs on very minimal battery.
11. You can also sell any products near you for free.
12. You can see products sold near you.
13. It improves your quality of life and keeps you updated on all latest things.
14. You can add custom rss feeds if you read some blog, site etc but is not already integrated.
15. We have tried to make an app that provides the best possible experience to users. Feel free to email us if you have any suggestions for further improvement.

Hope you like what we have built. Please leave a review if you like us and help us gain more loyal and relevant audience. More the people use this app , more intelligent it becomes.

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