Uber Cabs Unlimited Free Ride Trick – Unlimited Uber App Trick

Uber Cabs Unlimited Free Ride Trick – Unlimited Uber App Trick / Uber Unlimited Ride Trick / Uber Unlimited Trick

Uber Unlimited Ride Trick –  We are again back with a new and awesome trick. Uber Unlimited Trick is back with FreeRechargeGroup. In this trick you will get to know that how can you get unlimited free uber rides. Earlier Uber OTP Bypass trick was also working but now it has stopped working as they updated there services and app. But do not worry unlimited trick is still working. You can use this unlimited trick and get unlimited Free Rides without any problem and with ease. Uber is much better than other cabs services as they have quality service and cars in proper conditions. Ubers cars feels like your own as all of them are of premium quality.


Introduction :

In this trick we will guide you for unlimited free ride trick from UBER. Earlier all of you must have looted it with its fake credit card details trick. But this trick is also not working now. But it has still some loopholes which can make you a free and comfortable ride with ease. If you have a rooted android device then this will be much more fun to avail this trick as you can get unlimited rides with this trick and have unlimited fun. Do not worry if you do not have any rooted android phone still you can avail this trick. This trick is fully verified and working but rooted android device makes this trick more worthy and easy to use. Lets start this trick and as usual just follow our simple and easy steps and get this awesome and new trick. You can also Try Tata Docomo Unlimited Internet Trick. Comment if you face any problem with this trick at any of the written steps.

Lets Sign Up And Prepare For This Uber UnlimitedRide Trick

1) Click here to download the Android | IOS | Windows app

2) Install and open the app and start registration on it.


3) Enter all the required details.

4) You can use any details you want as they will only verify the mobile number and nothing extra.

5) Then click on Next. and then on Promo Code


6) Enter Promo Code –


( Rs 150 off On First Ride)

OPMED2 ( Rs 150 Off On First Ride )

7) On the next page Select Cash.


8) Now verify your mobile number successfully and you will get Rs 150 off on your first ride with no minimum ride amount.

Now Lets Have Uber Unlimited Rs 150 Ride Trick For Non – Rooted Android Device Uber Unlimited Ride Trick :

1) Go to Settings and then Select Apps.

2) Find Uber and Clear Data of it.

3) Now regsiter a new account again on Uber and you will get Rs 150 ride again.

Now Its The Turn For Uber Unlimited Rs 150 Ride Trick For Rooted Android Devices Uber Unlimited Trick :

First Fill Up This Requirements For This Trick :

1) Rooted Android Device – Click here to know how to root.

2) Xposed Installer – Click here to download Xposed Installer.

3) XprivacyClick here to download Xprivacy

4) Hide My Root – Click here to download Hide My Root

5) Root Cloak – Click Here To Download Root Cloak

6) Fast Reboot App – Click Here To Download fast Reboot App

7) Device ID Changer – Click here to download Device ID Changer

7) Working internet connection.

Setup Xposed For This Trick :

1) Open Xposed which you downloaded from the above link.

2) Click on Installer >> Framework >> Install / Update


3) Now reboot your android device.

4) Then again open Xposed and now select Modules.

5) Tick mark on – Xprivacy , Device ID Changer, Root Cloak App

6) Then again restart your device.

Now Let The Uber Unlimited Trick Begin :

1) Go to Settings and then Select Apps.

2) Find Uber and Clear Data of it.

3) Open Device ID Changer and then click on Random All and the Apply.


4) Then Open Xprivacy App.

5) Search for Uber App and turn it on.

6) Find and tick – Identification, Phone,  Shell, Storage, System



7) Now expand Shell and tick mark – Exec, Su, Sh

8) Then expand Storage and select – SdCard

9) Again expand System and select – getInstalledpackages and getInstalledapplications

10) Click on Menu and the Settings


11) Tick all the randomize button and randomize all the values.

12) Now just tap on the save button.

13) Its time to open Root Cloak App.

14) Click on Add/Remove Apps and then on the + icon.

15) Add Uber app to the list.






16) Now open Hide My Root app.

17) Click on Hide Su Binary and then allow root permissions.

18) Reboot your device with Fast Reboot app and then register a new account on Uber.

Final Words For Uber Unlimited Trick And Uber Unlimited Ride Trick :

This is a fully working guide so have this trick and do not forget to comment if this trick works for you. Have fun with this awesome and new trick. You can share if any problem occurs with this steps.

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