(Updated) How To Bypass Maximum Redemption Error In FreeCharge App

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How To Bypass Maximum Redemption Error


Freecharge as of late overhauled their versatile application which is more secure. Presently in the event that you have an established telephone then you will get a blunder message demonstrating Maximum Redemption Limit when you apply any coupon code. This turned out to be terrible news for some freecharge plunderers 😕 .But here we thought of answer for detour freecharge max. reclamation confine just by utilizing one application which basically stows away root data. By means of camouflaging origin details, Freecharge and comparable software can never manage to discover and as such it will be easy to use Freecharge promo codes again and again in order to gain limitless freecharge breaks. However you must learn another thing will be until this practice is quite intricate and high-risk thus be sure you study every single ways cautiously and comply with all of them accordingly.


  1. You have to use this Super User App Only – Click Here [Must]
  2. Xposed Framework Installer – Click Here [Must]
  3. Xprivacy Pro – Click Here [Must]
  4. Hide My Root – Click Here [Optional]
  5. Root Clock – Click Here [Optional]



First Step – Ideal FreeCharge App Version

A large portion of you may be mistaken for which version you need to utilize. To make this trap work just utilize Freecharge Version 7.1. So simply uproot your present rendition of Freecharge and download this 7.1 variant from underneath connection.

Click Here To Download FreeCharge 7.1 Version (Updated)

Second Step – Clearing FreeCharge App Data

On the off chance that you have done allude one time and you are getting Max. Recovery Limit then before beginning the deceive you need to clear store and information of this application. To do as such basically go to your mobile settings and click on Manage Applications/Installed Apps. Presently look down to freecharge and open it. You will discover an alternative to Clear Data or Cache.

Third Step – Installing Phone ID Changer And Activating Xposed Module

Install and open Phone Id Changer from above link. Now activate it in Xposed Module. Then restart your device. Now open Phone ID Changer. Randomize all the values and save it.

Fourth Steps  – Reducing Reboot Time

You need an app called Fast Reboot. Use it to reboot within 2-3 seconds. Simulates a reboot by closing/restarting all core and user processes and thus frees up memory. Your phone should be much snappier after using Fast Reboot.

Click Here To Download Fast Reboot App.

Fifth Step – Working With Xprivacy

Open Xprivacy and select FreeCharge app. Now expand it to see inner settings.

  1. At first put a tick mark on – Identification, Network , Phone, Shell & System.
  2. Leave other unchecked.
  3. Tick on “Shell” option and then tick mark only on Sh and Su on it.
  4. Similarly Tick Mark on “System” and tick mark only on “Get Installed Packages” .
  5. Now click on top right settings and Click on “Randomize Now”.
  6. Now click on Save Icon.

Sixth Step – Final One

  1. Finally open FreeCharge App and loot it.
  2. Now Use This Trick And Earn Unlimited. – Click Here


METHOD 1 (Easy) :

  1. First Download phone ID changer.
  2. In Xposed installer, install Phone ID changer Module.
  3. Open the Phone ID Changer.
  4. Click on Random all.
  5. Exit it and start FreeCharge Looting.
  6. If this does not work then you can use our next method which is 100% working.

METHOD 2 (Little Brain Needed) :

  1. First open Xposed Installer.
  2. At Framework Click on Install/Update.
  3. trick 1
  4. Now open Modules in Xposed installer.
  5. Tick Mark on Xprivacy, Hide My Root, RootClock.
  6. trick 2
  7. Now open Hide My Root and click on Hide SU Binary.
  8. Wait till a pop appears saying – Successfully hid su Binary.
  9. Now open Rootclock app.
  10. Click on + button.
  11. Then select “com.freecharge.com”
  12. Then open Xprivacy app.
  13. Navigate to FreeCharge app.
  14. Tick on “Shell” option and then tick mark on Sh and Su on it.
  15. trick 3
  16. Similarly Tick Mark on “System” Menu and “Get Installed Packages” .
  17. Now click on top right settings and Click on “Randomize Now”.
  18. Now click on Save Icon.
  19. trick 4
  20. Now exit all the apps.
  21. Finally open FreeCharge App and loot it.
  22. Now Use This Trick And Earn Unlimited. – Click Here


How To Bypass Maximum Redemption Error?

Its now quite easy to anser it. 🙂

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