How To Use Both Data Connection And WIFI At Same Time (Boost Your Download Speed)

How To Use Both Data Connection And WIFI At Same Time

We are again back with a new android trick for all of you. This trick will help you to run both data connection and wifi at same time. You all must have been thought one time that is it possible to use both data connection and wifi at same time. It is not possible as when you turn your WIFI on your data connection gets off . But we have got the solution for this trick and the trick is very easy. Just go though the article and know How To Use Both Data Connection And WIFI At Same Time

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Use Both Data Connection And WIFI At Same Time

Introduction :

We will introduce a new android app which will help you to access both data connection and WIFI at same time. This will boost your internet download speed and overall performance. The trick is quite simple and easy. It requires just a few simple steps and nothing more. You will love to know this trick. If any problem occurs at any step then feel free to comment we will help you in every possible aspect. So do not waste your time and get this awesome trick and show off in front of your friends that you can use both WIFI and Data Connection at same time without any problem.

Requirements :

1) Rooted android device – Click here to know how to root

2) Both WIFI and Data Pack

3) Super Download App – Click here to download

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How To Use Both Data Connection And WIFI At Same Time :

1) Install and open SUper Download app from the above link.

2) You will see a screen showing “No Active Files”.

3) Click on settings and select Dual Networks.


4) Grant root permissions.

5) Click on “+”  icon and put the link which you want to download.


6) You will now get good download speed as both your WIFI and data connection is working.

Some Important Notes :

1) Using both networks together requires root access (remember to say “authorize” to the superuser prompt).

2) Since this program uses mobile data connection, by using it you may incur in additional charges from your network operator.

3) To unleash its full potential, this turbo downloader needs good (and balanced) wifi and mobile reception/bandwidth. If you have good wifi internet,

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4) 2G mobile is not enough, you need 3G or 4G.

5) Using both connections is not supported on all devices / rom combinations.

6) Some web servers may provide insufficient functionalities on the requested files.

7) Currently only http and https protocols are supported (no ftp or torrent yet)

8) The Lite version has a filesize limit of 50 megabytes.

Final Words :

So, guys this is the best and working way to Use Both Data Connection And WIFI At Same Time on your rooted android device. There is nothing tough in this trick. However if you face any problem then comment we will definitely solve it if possible.

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